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Safavieh Livingston Rug, 5' x 8' Livingston Rug, 4' x 6' Livingston Rug, 8' x 10'

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W. Renteria

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Safavieh Livingston Rug, 5' x 8' Livingston Rug, 4' x 6' Livingston Rug, 8' x 10'


Safavieh Livingston Rug, 5' x 8' Livingston Rug, 4' x 6' Livingston Rug, 8' x 10'
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Floral Décor - Decorating with Florals, Flower Patterns

Floral prints can at first be intimidating when you attempt to decorate with them, but if you know a few guidelines they don’t have to be hard to utilize.  Like real flowers, floral fabrics all have different designs and personalities largely dependant on the style, size, and colors in them.  Here are a few pointers to consider when setting up your floral décor.


This affects mood.  For instance, a pillow with a sizable print will look more modern when compared to a pillow with that exact same pattern in a smaller scale which would have more of a sweet, vintage feel depending on the exact print. 

It’s Not Your Grandmother’s Sofa

Okay, to avoid that feeling of a granny sofa, avoid skirted bottom on any kind of upholstered piece of furniture.  Offsetting the floral print with a rug which has a graphic border, you’ll have considerably more of an eclectic experience than an “old” feel. 

Flowers Can Look Good Anywhere

Even if you have a huge oriental area rug, it is possible to put floral pillows on your sofa or seats; make it work with a typical palette.  Just be sure you select at least two colors from your own rug and make sure the pillow has a large amount of visible background having an open print. 

Mix Floral Prints

Pairing different prints works once you make sure to suit the background colors of every piece.  For a cohesive impact, select one large pattern paired with two small designs that all share exactly the same background colour, like white or off-white. 

Can Florals Be Masculine?

Sure!  There are lots of florals available which are non-girlie.  First off, avoid little prints in pastel hues which are definitely very feminine.  Steer even more towards bright primary colors and bold florals in big patterns which have more of a modern vibe and so are more male-friendly. 

Traditional Florals

If you value feminine, muted tones and delicate blooms that have a vintage feel, go for a classic pattern like an elaborate rose design with repeats.  Put it on the wall space in wallpaper for a far more dramatic appearance, or as a straightforward statement on a bedside lamp shade or a lovely quilt.  Old-fashioned types of patterns can look more current when they come in bold, more saturated colours instead of soft and subtle. 

A traditional floral decorated room range from:

  • Tapestry pillows with thick, textured embroidery on a velvet sofa or chair.
  • A good linen throw with a delicate embroidered floral contact and silk trim can truly add a good touch to a chair or sofa.

Modern Florals

Modern florals are bold, oversized, and filled with energy.  Modern florals employ a graphic feeling and also feel refreshing.  Repeating a well-loved design is okay, but know that it won’t be subtle; it’ll dominate the area - in a good way.  If you like clear lines and neutral furnishings, modern florals are a excellent match for you if you would like to infuse florals into your décor.  Contemporary florals are crisp, yet enjoyment and give your room warmth and cheer simultaneously.

Modern floral touches:

A pillow with one big graphic floral collection on an all-white mattress creates a advanced minimalist vibe.
A simple lamp shade with a large, bold floral on a good lamp base is continually a nice touch.

Whatever way you end up decorating your home, what counts the most is that it's pleasing to you and those who live with you.  If it feels to you but breaks a principle or two - do it now!  That's why the term "eclectic" exists!

livingston safavieh