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Radiant Sky Rug, 9'9" x 13' Radiant Sky Rug, 8'6" x 11'6" Radiant Sky Rug, 7'9" x 9'9"

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Radiant Sky Rug, 9'9" x 13' Radiant Sky Rug, 8'6" x 11'6" Radiant Sky Rug, 7'9" x 9'9"


Radiant Sky Rug, 9'9" x 13' Radiant Sky Rug, 8'6" x 11'6" Radiant Sky Rug, 7'9" x 9'9"
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Shabby Chic Living Room - Retro Decorating Ideas

People who want shabby chic décor have a tendency to stay true with their artistic taste and style rather than constantly switching bandwagons like some development slaves. "Retro" is a great term to broadly define this form of interior style, and "stylish" might be a perfect term to spell it out those who adore it. Unlike other vintage designs, shabby chic clearly stands for simplicity and feminine grace. A shabby-chic living room is generally adorned with well-worn however dainty furniture, natural materials like cotton and linen, shades of pastel colours, and décor items that boast a soft feminine contact. If you are planning to decorate your living room in this style however, not sure where to start, these tips may shed some lighting and inspiration on your own decorating project. Placed on your interior designer cap and obtain ready to revamp your family room!

Shabby Chic Your Furniture

To create a shabby chic living room, you don't necessarily have to make a trip to an old-fashioned store and buy a whole collection of vintage furniture. An antique living-room set can be quite pricey, but luckily, there is a way to save cash on this. Visit a nearby thrift store and purchase a few pieces of simple wooden furniture. They don't really need to come in a matching set, however they should all possess a retro look and seem compatible enough with one another. Then here comes the enjoyment part: paint all of them with the same pastel color. White colored, ivory and pink are probably the most popular colors for shabby chic décor, but various other pastel shades will work just as beautifully. The ultimate process is definitely sanding the corners and particular parts of the furniture to attain the time-worn look. Chipped color is considered to be very fashionable in shabby chic decoration.

Hang Up Decoupage Artwork

In a nutshell, decoupage is really a decorating technique done by gluing document cutouts onto an object surface and coating it with special color effects. It may be a nice art project to do, or if you don't have time for this type of stuff, you can buy decoupage artwork from your own local gift shops or online, for reasonable prices. Decoupage artwork goes very well with the shabby chic style, as it usually includes a really feminine and retro feel. So if you want to make your plain walls look more artistic in a shabby stylish way, try hanging up several decoupage plates and picture frames. They don't have to be of exactly the same sizes and colors but should have the same theme. Some very nice decoupage themes for shabby stylish décor include plants, shells, wineries, fruits, fairies, gardens and individuals in old-fashion clothing.

Use Humble Accessories

When accessorizing a shabby chic family room, try not to use too many ostentatious decorations, such as sparkling gold vases or incredibly ornate candelabras. Shabby fashionable is about minimalism and unpretentious charm. So rather than rushing out to a shop to buy new knick-knacks, appearance around your home first and see if you can find anything you can adapt into exclusive room accessories. An old cupcake mold, for instance, can actually be a cute candle holder. Spending more money doesn't necessarily make your family room look more chic. Something antiquated and basic can easily become a stylish décor product if placed in the right spot for the proper purpose. Doesn't the flower "vase" in the picture above look quite lovely?

Keep It Light and Airy

Shabby chic is the opposing of Gothic décor, therefore a shabby chic living room shouldn't contain any characteristics of a dungeon! If your space looks quite gloomy and cramped, you might like to get rid of your heavy curtains or put the bulky home furniture in another room. Lace and sheer natural cotton are good options for curtain fabric. The furnishings should be lean-looking and not take up an excessive amount of floor space. If your family room has a not a lot of square-footage, choose furniture that may do double duty. The espresso table in the photo above is a good example, since it also serves as a storage chest.