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Michael Aram Square Palm Plate

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Michael Aram Square Palm Plate


Michael Aram Square Palm Plate
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Furniture and Design Principles

What are the basics of good home decor? Some general rules might help us achieve a enjoyable environment to live in.

In general, people acknowledge what an aesthetically satisfying arrangement of furniture looks like, and also good organization of room, and clever keeping decorations. Although final look of a room will be determined significantly by the style of the designer and their personality, some accepted principles will make everybody that sees the space, be receptive to it.

Here is a list of some of the most crucial design principles and their relevance to home furniture:


Unity is about bringing separate elements jointly. For example, if we've two rooms next to one another and they feel just like they participate in separate worlds, we might want to somehow team them or link them, so in our perception they are more cohesive. This could be accomplished by a repeating aspect like using the same texture on the furniture fabrics, having matching rugs, or a continuous floor pattern.


Unity brings people to repetition, one of the strategies that can be utilized to make different pieces feel they participate in a whole. This technique is about using same elements again and again; elements of style such as for example lines, colors, shapes and ideals. A recurrent color palette is a classic example of good utilization of the repetition principle in home design.


This principle helps us attain a enjoyable look in a room.

If a space feels as well empty, or too wide, or too cramped, it might be a matter of poor balance. We have to remember that our eyes are often searching for organization and order even yet in situations of chaos. Try distributing decoration elements and furniture evenly within a room. If a ceiling feels too high, get a tall furniture component to assist in bring it down.


Balance is important, but we also desire to make our home an interesting one and sometimes break out of the ordinary. Emphasis is really a design principle that may assists us with this.

Create a center point in the area. Are you currently decorating your living room? How about letting the fireplace be a center of attention for your otherwise busy looking living room? We cannot focus on everything at the same time, our minds need to find something in the area that attracts our eye and break monotonous rhythms.

Would like to explore more about home decor principles? Watch the video below to expand on the mentioned old tips.

square plate palm michael aram